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Team Culture

Cultivate fosters a company culture like the one we seek in all of our businesses.  We seek out authentic and enthusiastic employees who care about the wellbeing of others and are willing to work hard.  We seek to help our employees grow into the best versions of themselves.  


We believe in a TEAM culture as opposed to a FAMILY culture.  As a team we will make sure we always have the right players working together to accomplish the goals before us.  We believe that many times a family culture creates a dysfunctional business.  We often tolerate people in our families that we would not tolerate on our teams.


The Founder

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"My vision for something better started long ago and it was not my own."

I got the vision for Cultivate early in my career when I read the book Halftime (about moving from success to significance).  I was in my early 30s and attended a book study at my church, where I was by far the youngest guy in the room.  I began wondering why more people were not thinking about SIGNIFICANCE until after they had built their own worldly empires.  This planted a seed in me that initially sprouted in the form of making more money so that I could be more generous, followed by moving into non-profit ministry encouraging high capacity business owners to be more generous. 


As this seed has continued to grow into a more mature tree, it has taken on the form that we see in Cultivate today.  I now believe that I should look not only at the fruit of financial resources as tools to help others, but also the trees that generate these resources.  I have chosen to focus the efforts of Cultivate on the "trees" of small business and local real estate.

The Team


The key to acquiring operating companies will be to thoroughly understand the business, develop a strong thesis for growth, design and execute a transition plan with the owner and find an operator to continue growing the business long term.  For each acquisition, Cultivate will step into an operations role for a season to ensure a good transition.    


Cultivate has established a team of partners who help with implementing growth strategies and managing back office administration.  



Cultivate partners with local colleges to locate students and former students who want to commit themselves to learning, growing and working hard.  We want to see these students challenged to carry forward a different view of business that it took us years to gain.  


Board of Advisors

Cultivate maintains an official board of advisors along with a strong bench of other advisors we call on when we need guidance from someone with their background.

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