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Cultivating GOOD soil that grows GOOD ventures that strengthen and sustain GOOD lives




Cultivate Venture Partners ("Cultivate") is an alternative investment firm, structured as a holding company with a long, people-focused view on investments.  We believe that communities and businesses have been hindered by short term profit motives for too long.  As former contributors to this hindrance, we are seeking to do our small part to foster a different view within our businesses and the communities where we live and work.  

Cultivate distinguishes itself in the investment industry by providing creative and unique solutions to each business or real estate owner based upon his/her needs and desires. We are very interested in helping these people-focused owners succeed.  Sometimes this will take the form of investing, sometimes advising.  


As more and more aging owners prepare to exit their businesses and their real estate holdings, they are faced with a dilemma:  what to do with these trees they have grown that have produced so much fruit over the years. 


Their children do not want them, they do not want to simply sell them to the highest bidder, and often their employees or business partners are not the solutions either.  This is our primary type of seller.  


Additionally, we are seeing more interest in creating strong cultures within small to medium enterprises.  We believe that this trend will continue for the remainder of our lives as millennials are now making up the vast majority of the workforce.


Cultivate invests in businesses and real estate and we advise business and real estate owners who believe that their companies and their real estate are intended to do more than just make a profit.  We help sellers, clients and investors who believe that their companies and their real estate are tools for human flourishing.  

Our Missin

Our Mission

Cultivate provides an avenue for reasonable risk adjusted returns focusing on investing in PEOPLE first. 


At the core of businesses and real estate are PEOPLE.  We believe that people are the inputs to the spreadsheets.  If we focus on the overall flourishing of the people impacted by our investments, then we will see the best opportunity for creating more sustainable long term value.

Cultivate has a competitive advantage in our markets because most investors are not thinking this way.  Long term business owners who care about their people will want to sell to investors like Cultivate.  Property owners who care about their community will want to sell to investors like Cultivate.  Not only is our mission a GOOD mission and one that we are passionate about, it is attractive to a world in need of something GOOD. 

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Our Values


We believe that pursuing the wellbeing of others will lead us to joy.​​​​


We believe that we are either growing or declining. We want to constantly encourage our people to pursue personal growth in all aspects of life.​

Integrated Life

We believe that faith, family, finances, fun, fitness, and friends should all be integrated.


We believe that personal growth happens when we adventure outside of our comfort zone.


We believe that we are created to work together in community. No matter how great we are as individuals, we are better together.


We believe we should be generous with our LIFE (Labor, Influence, Finances, & Expertise).


We believe that Identity is not found in your work, but in Christ.


We believe that everything we do must be done with the highest quality for the best value.

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